About Infinity Contact

Infinity Contact is the outsourcing industry’s leader for Employee Satisfaction. Simply stated: we put employees first.

We take the time to listen to feedback and to create an environment that is fun and challenging. Infinity Contact rewards team members who deliver high performance with all-expense paid trips, free lunches and exciting prizes regularly.

Infinity Contact is proud of the ’employee-first’ culture that we have built over the years. Doing this has enabled us to have the lowest attrition rate (AKA the lowest percentage of employees that quit) in the entire industry. Simply put: teammates love to work at Infinity Contact!

At Infinity Contact, our Core Values aren’t empty promises. Our culture and employees thrive because we are daily guardians of them. When employees work hard and deliver high-quality results Infinity Contact recognizes such valued teammates through recognition and prizes.

Our Core Values have formed the foundation for everything that we have achieved as an organization. They raise the bar for every teammate at work and in our day-to-day lives.

Infinity Contacts Core Values

  1. Inspire Others by Believing In Yourself
  2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  3. Do More with Less
  4. Continuous Self Improvement
  5. Always Strive for Excellence
  6. Work Hard, Have Fun
  7. Exercise Emotional Intelligence
  8. Be Ridiculous

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